Saturday, May 6, 2023

Tortoises At The Dallas Zoo


Taken one month after coming back home to Texas. I hadn't been to the Dallas Zoo in decades. Went there so many times, as a child, growing up in Dallas. I didn't know how much I missed it, until walking up to that same old entrance, and being greeted by the delightful flamingo garden, the bronze sculpture of the child playing on the giraffe, and the large elephant water fountain. I must admit, seeing these things again made me tear up a little bit, and I think my overall excitement and enthusiasm that day was equal to, or more than, the kids in the strollers. 

But seeing these tortoises, above all, warmed my heart. I said "hello" to them, and even told the one going under the bridge that I hoped it found what it was looking for, on the other side of the pen. 
You just can't help but think deep when most of your adult life has been based on the "find your way through the chaos" theme. 

I think that tortoise who was going under the walkway just wanted a little but of shade, privacy, and alone time. 
I completely get that. 

I came home from Florida in Sept. of 2021
and hopefully will visit these tortoises many more times. 

Florida has dolphins and lots of amazing birds and sharks and all the things, but Texas has my heart. 
I'm thankful to be home.



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